About Charmaine


I love traveling so much. It helps me grow as a person.

I usually travel alone. And when I travel, I share stories of how I reached the places, the story I heard of the places and it’s beauty. I am a thrifty traveler, that is why I travel using public transportation and most people who travel that way could relate to my experiences. It is surprising how much you can save travelling through basic means.

Traveling is what my heart desire the most. It fuels my passion to live ,to Learn and to meet different culture. It is my goal to travel the world and meet every race there is and every culture to feed my soul.Traveling is something people must try to do. It is a chance your taking to learn new from other people and places ,it is also a way for you to learn something new..may it about the local heritage or something about your self – which only comes out when your comfortability is shaken.And the adventure pushes you out of your comfort zone. Traveling does not only take the stress away .It also mend the emotions coup up ,and help clear out the internal battle Inside YOU. Traveling does not always equal to expenses and messy adventures, mostly of the time it fixes and revives the youth in you. Opens up your mind that whatever hardship life throws at you,there would always be a reason to keep only your feet and itches you to take the camera and see the world in your own perspective..and how lucky you are standing witnessing the beauty of god’s work.